Do You Respect Me?

by Sketchy

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released July 8, 2013

Chris Schultz - Lead Vocals
Mike Vizzi - Guitar, Vocals
Guglielmo Remondi - Guitar, Vocals
Craig Shay - Drums
Greg Steiner - Bass

Recorded by Tom Malinowski

All songs by Sketchy



all rights reserved
Track Name: (I Wrote) A Suicide Note
I don't mean to alarm you but I wrote a suicide note
Because of all the nights spent frustrated and alone
I got so paranoid I pushed away everyone I know
And now I sit alone

I don't mean to alarm you but I wrote a suicide note
The subtext was all wrong, I wasn't too thrilled with the prose
I tried to blame the world but then it hit me as I wrote
The fault was all my own

I wasted my time blaming everyone else for my problems
I bitch and I lie
All I wanted was your time

(Lyrics: Schultz)
Track Name: Capitalism is a Drag
It's fair to say that I've become a lame cliche
I just drink and bitch and play guitar and slave for a week's pay
Sometimes I think things might change and start to go my way
Then the mailman brings another bill and I go prone again

So I sit sipping coffee and staring at screens
The real world just sits there and stares back at me
I'm a Picasso, my eyes on the back of my head
The patrons assume it's according to plan

How can you ask us to care?
A lifetime of rotting at work, it's not fair
How can you ask us for more?
When the future is death and the present's a bore
What's it all for?

I'll forever be destined to underachieve
Societal constructs make no sense to me
Work hard and get better, stand tall and be strong
But cow to the dollar and follow your boss

All that I need is a friend
I know it gets worse and it will be again

I want to believe in myself again
I want to believe in my family and friends
I want to feel healthy again
I don't want to be forgotten when I'm dead

(Lyrics: Schultz)
Track Name: A Faded Face
Memories come flooding back just to distract me
Take me to another time and spot
When life wasn't as short as our block
To a time we can't have back and teenage fantasy

Why were we always competing then?
What was the point of it?
I never had as much pride as then
I've swallowed it, my guts are caving in
How could we call ourselves friends? What did we get out of it?

When we were walking in the rain we worked it out
The type of shit kids always fight about
You're talking to the wrong person, hanging with the wrong crowd
Or a girl you'd never talk to now

If I judge you for judging me, does that make me a hypocrite?
If I don't point a finger at your bigotry, does the blame fall equally on me?
I still wonder what I did wrong
These games are cruel and sick

The type of shit we swore would never change
Don't think you know what we meant when we said it
And now I'm promising I won't let you forget it
Truth is it means more to me than a faded face from a memory
Of a tired guest I won't allow to leave

(Lyrics: Schultz)
Track Name: Better Days
It seems like lately every night I've been getting too far gone
And I've been trying to figure out who I was when I was young
And I wouldn't be surprised if I couldn't recognize him today

And it reminds me of old haunts and old wants
And as I look around my room for change I think and stop
If I was a man I'd fix my car and pay my bills
But I'm just a boy so I buy a beer
I stay here and I know nothing's gonna change

I think about the stupid stances that we took
And the smug satisfaction we received when receiving dirty looks
And I wouldn't be surprised if tonight I try to drink those years away

And you've seen better days, but so have I

And I guess I'm like the Hudson
Always moving somewhere, never going anywhere
And I guess that you're a half-torn branch
Trying desperately to cling to sure even when the water's rushing in

And I guess that I don't have the answers

(Lyrics: Vizzi/Schultz)
Track Name: 15 Mulberry
If you call on me, I won't answer with an empty ring
Not with verbal monotony but with a well-meaning HELLO

I don't know how to do it right but I haven't lost my edge
I don't care what I deserve
I don't look down to solve my problems

I wasn't drunk, just overwhelmed
Sometimes it's hard to tell
With every muscle sore
Deaf and hoarse and wanting more
Constant contact leaves me weak
I scream too much, too much to speak
With just my living room to lend
A place to share with old new friends

If we can try to keep out of mind
Guarantees once secure from a nostalgic yesteryear
And for a moment we would all look past
All these constrained identities
All these constructed identities

(Lyrics: Shay)